Caliente Package

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Take home a sample of our most popular spicy products in this food package, including, our NEW Burt's Farm Calabaza StewTM Burt's Farm Calabaza SalsasTM and our Popcorn MealTM Caliente Cornbread Mix! 


Burt's Farm Calabaza StewTM and Burt's Farm Calabaza SalsasTM  are made on site with from fresh, high-quality ingredients like Pumpkin, Zuccini, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Onions. You'll love this healthy, hearty dish! 

What's Included:

One 32 oz. jar of Burt's Farm Calabaza StewTM

One 16 oz. jar of Burt's Farm Calabaza SalsaTM

One 2 LB package of Popcorn MealTM Caliente Cornbread